Waterlines Community Project

Tasmanian Regional Arts Waterlines and
West Tamar Arts Group
Reflective Posts Project

The concept of Waterlines relates to the Tamar Estuary, the nature of water revealing the interconnection of the physical and emotional worlds, conceptualised by Reflective Posts.
The West Tamar Arts Group proposal is to work with the communities of the Tamar Estuary and its tributaries, to create physical and emotional artistic responses and philosophical markers of the Tamar waterlines. As the water ebbs and flows, so do the emotional markers of the lives of the Tamar community; the estuary is a metaphor of human emotions.
There are three worlds of the Estuary, the above, on and beneath.
The artwork will be displayed on posts representative, of river markers, embellished with a myriad of universal symbols reflective of waterlines. The poles will support the physical artworks, which will be assembled from regurgitated flotsam and jetsam, both new and old.
With the three metre tides, the dichotomy of the salt and fresh water creates a moving salt wedge, producing turbulence. This movement reflects the human demography of the community. The markers will also reflect the cyclical movement of the flora and fauna.
The West Tamar Arts Group will access the many contemporary visual artists practising in the Tamar Valley, further building and developing their skills. The community’s response to waterlines will weave together the diversity of our community’s physical and emotional response to the Estuary. The project may utilise sculpture, film making, digital project and other art forms including sound-scapes and light.

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Waterlines Community Project –
Sculpture Hands On

3 Day Workshop with Marcus Tatton

‘Sculpture Hands On’


Approximately 8 artists attended the Sculpture Workshop to produce collaborative community art works for Tasmanian Regional Arts Waterlines Exhibition for exhibition at TMAG in October. The work will be called Navigate and will need to have a life span of ten years and be suitable for public space.

Marcus was keen to be involved with local Tamar Valley artists, following are the parameters of the collaborative Sculpture Hands On project;
Marcus held a three day Sculpture Hands On work shop at Nindethana camp, Deviot, 25 minutes drive north of Launceston, set in bush surrounds with frontage to the Tamar River. Facilities included a large hall, dining room with large kitchen, work space, verandahs and bunk bed accommodation.
September Workshop participants/artists will then continue creating the components for the Sculptural Poles in their respective studios/home spaces/farms.
On 20 September 2016, Artist’s will reconvene in Deviot to review the 2 sculptural poles and refine the works; and make ready for transport to the TMAG site.
Workshop artists will install poles at TMAG for the October 17 Waterline Exhibition.
This is an exciting project and a wonderful opportunity to work with Marcus Tatton; view his web site at http://marcustatton.com/

A Tamar Valley Community Arts and Environmental Installation Project

Oculus by Marcus Tatton
Oculus by Marcus Tatton
Marcus & Pirjo at Work
Marcus Tatton

Waterlines Community Artentwine School Project –
Reflective Posts

A Tamar Valley Community Arts and Environmental Installation Project: ‘Reflective Posts’ .
Rosevears Oval (cnr of Hall St and Rosevears Drive, Rosevears)

Reflective Posts, installed at Rosevears Oval, located on the corner of Hall St and Rosevears Drive, Rosevears; is a Tamar Valley Community Arts and Environmental Installation Project uniting, connecting and blending the works of school children with the wider community through a Green Art Project; the outcome was to develop an installation, reflecting the Tamar Estuary.
The project has allowed the students from three West Tamar primary schools to develop their own artworks define their worlds and set goals to create a connected and purposeful installation outcome uniting the three campuses.
The West Tamar Arts Group started a conversation with the schools in April – May. The inclusive process encouraged students and teachers to develop knowledge, understanding and connection to the river. Reflective Posts is an extension of other visual art projects the West Tamar Arts Group have conducted in schools in previous years focusing on the Tamar River.
Conceptually, visual artists Karen Revie and Kitty Taylor lead the students in the schools helping them to develop their ideas. The work will be displayed in a public space; the works produced will be exhibited for the month of October 2016 during Artentwine Sculpture Biennial. The installation will have free access to the public allowing visitors and locals to relate to the works, to understand the intricacies of our community and appreciate our cultural diversity.
Artists Karen and Kitty have worked to ensure students were supported in learning new visual arts ideas and procedures and encouraged them to develop their creative skills.


Artists & Participants

Sculpture Hands On
Leading Artist :
Marcus Tatton


Reflective Posts Joint Leading Artist :
Karen Revie


Reflective Posts Joint Leading Artist & Project Manager:
Kitty Taylor

Kitty Taylore