Inspiring Drives

If you love driving holidays, then you are going to love exploring the Tamar Valley.
With each curve in the road you will find yourself frequently rewarded with new perspectives of the Tamar.

The Tamar Valley is a feast for the senses, without the crowds or hype, a place to be yourself and experience nature. Waterside roads are best experienced at 60km/hr or less, it isn’t a race and you wouldn’t want to miss anything.
Locals suggest several drives over 5 to 7 days to really explore the valley, this will allow you to have a truly relaxing holiday where you can unwind.
You could plan to view the Artentwine sculptures and vineyards over several days, having a delicious lunch at each before you explore further afield.
Have a look at the Scenic Routes below – Spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, clean fresh air and serenity awaits you.

Inspiring DrivesTamar Valley

Direct Route from Launceston to all five Artentwine Vineyards

It’s around 25 minutes from Launceston via the West Tamar Highway to the southern most Artentwine vineyard Tamar Ridge Cellar Door.
You can then drive up for sweeping views over the awe inspiring Tamar Valley via Brady’s Lookout on the Highway and continue to Moores Hill Estate, then through to Goaty Hill Wines in Rowella, Iron Pot Bay & Holm Oak Vineyards.

Scenic West Tamar Loop to all Five Artentwine Vineyards

Beginning and ending in Launceston, this drive will have you dreaming of selling your existing home and moving here!

Highlights include returning to Launceston alongside the edge of the beautiful Tamar Estuary past the Auld Kirk Church, under Batman Bridge and up to Deviot Road, past the Waterfall at Supply River, through Gravelly Beach back to the West Tamar Highway at Exeter/Lanena. For further water’s edge travel (and to visit where the Community Sculpture for Waterlines will be installed) head South and immediately turn Left onto Rosevears Drive, which comes back onto the West Tamar Highway just south of Tamar Ridge Cellar Door, near Legana, from which it is just under a 20 minute drive into Launceston past the Tamar Island Wetlands.

Make sure to keep your eyes on the road, because the views can be distracting. Repeat visits are warranted.

Travelling to the Vineyards & Launceston from the North East of Tassie?

Coming from Georgetown, Bridport, Scottsdale or the Derby Mountain Bike Trails?

Make your way to the East Tamar Highway, then exit the interchange at Batman Highway heading west over the strikingly beautiful Batman Bridge.

When approaching from Derby, Scottsdale or Bridport, it is a slightly longer distance but more convenient to drive along the Bridport Road to join the East Tamar Highway just south of Georgetown.
Your GPS may select other routes of slightly less distance; but these contain many sharp right angle bends.

Where will your Artentwine Adventure take YOU ?