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We are pleased to announce that Patrick Sutczak will again curate the 2018 Artentwine Sculpture Biennial Words from Patrick Sutczak prior to the 2016 Artentwine Sculpture Biennial: "Artentwine is a biennial festival of sculpture located in five family wineries in the West Tamar municipality: Goaty Hill Wine, Holm Oak Vineyards, Iron Pot Bay Vineyard, Moores Hill Estate, and Tamar Ridge Cellar Door. The festival’s aim is to feature and promote contemporary sculpture in the Tamar Valley landscape, with a focus on non-traditional exhibiting spaces, during spring and at the height of Tasmania’s summer tourist season. As curator of Artentwine 2016 - 2017 I am excited by the beauty and diversity of the locations, as well as the challenges presented to Tasmanian sculptors who are tasked with proposing works that will not only sit within the landscape but also enrich the audience experience. The Artentwine Sculpture Biennial offers an opportunity for artists to work with a delicious array of spaces; from the woodlands of Holm Oak, to the formal architecture of Tamar Ridge. At Moores Hill we find elevation and density of the eucalypt forest contrasted with the openness of Goaty Hill. At Iron Pot Bay, artists will be enticed with possibility including avenues and gardens. Quite simply, every location does, and will, appeal. With Artentwine 2016 – 2017 including an Acquisitive Outdoor Sculpture Prize, a Non-Acquisitive Sculpture Prize, an Indoor Small-Scale Sculpture Prize, A Secondary Students’ Award, and a Tertiary Students’ Award, Artentwine Sculpture Biennial 2016 promises an array of established and emerging creative talent. I am thoroughly looking forward to working with the artists and the spaces, as well as everyone involved in this prestigious event." Patrick Sutczak
Patrick Sutczak

Patrick Sutczak

Symposium Weekend
October 14 – 16 2016

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